A cufflink moment with the Lord Mayor

London City Cufflinks - Lord Mayor - Dutch Ambassador - Simon Smits

The London City Cufflinks® are a design object with a story. Connecting people and highlighting special moments in London.

On June 13, 2016 the Dutch Ambassador to the UK -Simon Smits- presented a set of the London design of City Cufflinks® to the Lord Mayor, The Right Honourable Jeffrey Evans.

For history aficionados: the Lord Mayor is the Mayor of the City of London and also leader of the City of London Corporation. The Lord Mayor is one of the world's oldest continuously elected civic offices.

Lord Mayor Mansion House City London

We are proud that the representative par excellence of the City was passed this miniature sculpture of London, depicting icons and buildings, of which most are based in London City. Linking a grand history with contemporary design.

Yet another cufflink moment in London.